Carbide End Mill Manufacturing

A complete range of “Good”, “Better” & “Best” Carbide End Mills manufactured in our state of the art facility.  Specials & Engineered solutions with quick turnaround times along with a complete regrinding service complement our offering.  Contact us regarding the possibility of becoming a private branded distributor to position your company uniquely in your marketplace.

High Precision CNC Grinders

  • All tools manufactured on the most advanced 5 axis CNC grinders in the world
  • “Lights-out” production of standard tools allows us to be the most efficient at what we do
  • Extensive inventories of standard, high performance & application specific end mills

Quality Control & Inspection

  • We use 4 axis CNC non-contact measuring & inspection machines
  • Tight control of all tool geometries
  • Tight control of measured Diamond wheel values for manufacturing consistently accurate tools

Specials & Engineered Solutions

  • Engineered cutting tool solutions based on your applications
  • From concept to your spindle with quick turnaround times
  • Standard tools won’t do the job? We would be happy to quote your special

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